Chesterfield Christian Church was founded in 1897, organized mainly by two men named Emory Clifford and Joseph Seward. They met in a structure, purchased from a Methodist church for $500, located on South Water Street (a structure that is no longer with us).


    In 1924, a group of sixty-five church members "sold bricks" in order to raise the monies needed to build a new building, located on the corner of Elm and Water streets, which was erected and dedicated in January 1925.


    The church quickly found itself in difficulties, and needed help from area churches to keep it's doors open. From 1927 to 1929, the structure was only used as a Bible School. The church had to close its doors in 1936. Shortly thereafter, most of our documented history was destroyed by fire in a home of the Secretary of the Eastern District of Churches, where our records were being stored.


   In January of 1938, a group of 7 members reopened Chesterfield Christian's doors. Student ministers from Butler's seminary served as pastors.


   In 1940, the church called its first full-time pastor, Rev. John Osberg, and the church grew under his direction. Then Rev. James Dorman served from 1943 through 1946 (W.W.II). James wife Minnie organized the Christian Women's Missionary Society (the "roots" of today's Christian Women's Fellowship).


    Several short pastorates followed from 1946 to 1957; Lavern Beitler, John Neth Jr., Floyd Emshwiller (whose wife Emily organized and served as first President of CWF in 1953), William Rogers, and Daniel Bernhardt.


    In May 1957, the church called Rev. Harold "Pete" Clark as its next minister. At this time the membership was around 50 members, with as annual budget of closely $7500. As the church continued to grow (Sunday School classes were held in the parsonage), so also a need developed for a larger structure.


    On June 9, 1963, the church worshipped for the first time on the property and in the building where we are presently located, three acres sited 207 E. Plum Street, in what was then called the Fellowship and educational wings. Our sanctuary was dedicated in 1971, and the additional educational wing and courtyard was completed in 1981. The land east or the building, called Clark Field, was purchased later that year. The church paid off its last bond, used for financing the property and construction, in January 1989.


    Rev. "Pete" served this church for 38 years, retiring in September 1995. He was followed by two years of service from Rev. Tony Alonzo and almost eight years of ministry from Rev. Mike Webber. In August of 2007, the church called Pastor Ned Clark as its next minister. The church body is approximately 200 active members.


   The hardships and struggles, sacrifices and labors, prayers and offerings of faithful, and committed Christians blessed by an amazing God has resulted in 112 years of service and ministry in the Chesterfield and Anderson areas.


    We today, like our forefathers and mothers before us, stand strong in the conviction that Jesus is the Christ, Son of the Living God, and we worship our God through our service to God's creation.

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Monthly Calendar

             Morning Service    9:30 am
Sunday School    11:00
JH Youth    4:30
Mondays                  Boy Scouts    7:00 pm
Tuesdays           Move It Exercise    10:00 am
Wednesdays                 Bell Choir    5:45 pm
Chancel Choir    7:00
Thursdays                   Cub Scouts    6:30 pm
Saturdays                     HS Youth    6:00 pm
AA Meeting    8:00 pm
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Our History
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