Sunday School Classes                             Sundays 11:00 am
Kum Dubble Class       70's and over class taught by Kay Clark.

    Joyful Servants Class    40's and over class taught by a rotating leader.

    Ambassadors Class        20's and up class taught by Ned Clark.

    High School Class         8th - 12th grade class taught by Sonny Bloom.

    Junior High Class          5th - 8th grade class taught by Rhonda Kimm.

    Elementary Class            1st - 4th grade class taught by Kathy Morgan.

    Kindergarten Class         Pre-K and Kindergarten class taught by Neena Bryant.

Sunday Evening Bible Study                     Sundays 6:30 pm

Starts October 9th through November 20th, and resumes January 8th through May 20th.  Bring any translation of the Bible that speaks to you.

Christian Women's Fellowship           Various Day & Times

The Circle Groups meet various times throught the month.  Any female 18 and up is welcome.  Please check our Concert & Events page for meeting times.

Christian Men's Fellowship                  1st Monday 6:30 pm

The Mens Fellowship meets October through May.  Any male 15 and up is welcome.  Special speakers are brought in each month and a dinner is provided with a freewill offering.
Join us for morning worship
Sundays  at 9:30
Christian Church             Disciples of Christ
Chesterfield Christian Church
Chesterfield, Indiana  46017

Monthly Calendar

             Morning Service    9:30 am
Sunday School    11:00
JH Youth    4:30
Mondays                  Boy Scouts    7:00 pm
Tuesdays           Move It Exercise    10:00 am
Wednesdays                 Bell Choir    5:45 pm
Chancel Choir    7:00
Thursdays                   Cub Scouts    6:30 pm
Saturdays                     HS Youth    6:00 pm
AA Meeting    8:00 pm
Office is open weekdays 9am-1pm
Bible Study & Classes
Bible Study & Classes
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